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Im about to hit 2 yrs on my Traverse
here is a Status report of whats occurred to my Traverse.


# of times check engine light has come on------- 0
# of pending trouble codes via OBD port----------0
# of trips to the dealer-------------------------- 2
# of issues with exterior-------------------------0
# of issues with any interior parts--------------- 0
# of tire rotations (self)-------------------------3
# of oil changes--------------------------------7
# of different warning messages on DIC- --------1

the warning message was "Service Park Assist"

Best DIC reported MPG--------------------------31.3 (I was driving)

Worst DIC MPG-------------------------------- 12.5 (missus was driving)

What I consider Average MPG- Hwy/city combined- 21 MPG.

Here are items I have logged as doing myself.

all oil changes- Roughly at 50% OLM.
Top off Dexcool to cold line.
Change out power steering fluid via turkey baster
Change Air filter.
Clean Throttle body.
Run techron several times.

The trips to the dealer where for
1- seatbelt inspection-recall
2- Software update for the Park Assist Module.

Thats it. Very happy with the vehicle. No other issues.

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That's good th hear :thumb:, you ARE one of the fortunate ones ::)
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