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2010 outlook overheating

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On the way home today my 2010 outlook overheated. Why I got out to look I could see where coolant had blowout under the car but can't tell where it is coming from. The coolant is all down the passenger underside and front passenger wheel well. I checked the reservoir and it was empty. I tried to ad water to it but it would not drain. Cooling fan is coming on. I'm thinking maybe the water pump is leaking and maybe the the thermostat is stuck? Have to call the dealer tomorrow to see if they can get it in, just wondering what it might be. Thanks
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Water pump. How many miles? You might have an extended warranty to 10yrs or 120K miles.
sounds like waterpump.
YOu can put in water into the overflow/reservoir.
But you also have to remove the big cover up front- and add water/coolent to the radiator itself which is probably empty or very lowe
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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