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Just a quick note to say Thanks! to everyone here that helped in our research of our "new" 2008 Saturn Outlook XR.
I'll crosspost on the Saturn forum too, but since things have slowed down over there, we spent a LOT of time here reading, asking, scratching our heads, then repeat..

In the end we got a good deal (or at least we think so).
2008 Saturn Outlook XR, roof, HID, 19" wheels and exhaust finishers.
just over 65k miles, out the door for $19,395.
Great buying experience as I got to haggle everything online and paperwork and such only took an hour or so (and that took so long as it was a Saturday afternoon and they were BUSY!). Only time I've done a deal this way.

Got the truck home on Saturday (after a stop at Ikea to fill it up!)
in the shop today for our guy to look things over...all is good!

two quick things- ok, maybe 3...
wheels and brakes are almost new- mechanic said no need to replace pads, however they squeak intermittently. Wife is ok with it, drives me nuts--any ideas?>
steering- think we have the dreaded clunk with quick left and right turns- however steering column was replaced already under warranty- something else to check for?

Lastly- trying to gauge the bluetooth options for an 08. Have seen the costar- wife wants to keep onstar so no go. have also seen the aftermarkets Pioneers and Kenwoods- I like them, but they get pricey fast with the GMOS and SW control interface...
I'm not opposed to the Blue Fusion from scosche, but seems like you need NAV to get something good out of it..
I'll take advice.

In any event THANKS TO ALL! :cheers: :cheers:

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I have BlueFusion with my NavRadio. Love it! Only comment is that I have to turn up the radio volume for each call, then turn it back down when I hang up. Not a big deal for me. A quick turn of the volume knob on the radio does it.

I thought it was to work with the stock radio too. Using it's display to show the phone numbers, menu, etc.
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