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Acadia Denali

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Question folks.....would you consider an Acadia Denali?

I just read that the Acadia will have the "Denali" additions with the 2011 model.

I checked it out online and....lots of extra upgrades and the price I saw was slightly less than what we paid for our Outlook in 2007 with the same components. :eek:
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AA/78U said:
I would definitely if I was in the market for a new one :thumb:

LOL do you think I could get high blue book on trade in at the dealership who is working on our Outlook? ;D

After all they know the Outlook "inside and out" by now. >:D
6Sixathome said:
I would'nt get a Denali but would get a SLT2, I'm not much for ground effects. No they will not give you high $$ for your trade :(

Yea unfortunately I know that. Oh well.....the Outlook is...going going nope not yet but soon.
6Sixathome said:
If you can sell it yourself, you'll get more $$ BUT you will have to tell the potential buyer of the issues that the OUTLOOK has had and show all the service reciepts in good faith. Karma is a B%^&h. Man do I know :sosad:
:banghead: Sighhhh!! :beer:
We were just talking about that last week. I think we paid 44,000-44,500, somewhere around there. The Outlook is loaded. It has a rear DVD player which we have never used, heck didn't know there was one for a couple weeks.

The only reason we did purchase a second SUV was the winter of 06/07 my husband got his 350Z stuck in the snow at the end of our driveway ::). I could not get the VUE out unless I drove around the trees through the front yard. Was not going to do that.

That next winter, the week after Thanksgiving he was traveling. He called me and said "Ok GM has 0% financing so if you want a second SUV now is the time".

What happened next was....I looked at all the Saturn dealers around us, Dayton-Cincinnati-Columbus. Found FOUR 07's in Cincinnati.

AND that is how we have two Saturn's. Okay I made the choice for us to get a Saturn. :banghead: Of course my husband said look of the others...I think the Tahoe had caught his eye but no I loved the VUE so :( .
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6Sixathome said:
:eek:fftopic: I have an 05 VUE (V6 Auto) and would trust it to go anywhere. My 16 year old says it's too boxy and does'nt like to drive it ::)
So what if we are a bit :eek:fftopic:

Hey it is a fun car! Love our 03 VUE it has more "get up and get going" than our Outlook. Looks pretty darn good after 7 years and it SITS OUTSIDE!
AA/78U said:

hopefully soon the GM website will have more info concerning the Denali
Unfortunately our VUE does not have the Honda engine in it. We purchased it on tax day in 2003 and I am not sure when it was built. Guess I could dig out the paperwork and find out.

Overall with so many VUE owners having problems which were mainly the 4 cylinders FWD, transmissions, I think we have a really great little SUV.

Love it love it love it!
6Sixathome said:
Back to the Denali, are you going to get one? :D And by the way the 3.5L 250 hp Honda V6 is pretty bad a$$ for such a light vehicle 8). Does your Vue have the VTI trans? I hope not :eek:hno: :sosad:
LOL I brought the "Denali" up again to husband tonight. ::) was his response. Not giving up hope though. ;)

Nope we do NOT have the VTI transmission. :thumb:

AND with the latest response concerning PARTS AVAILABILITY I am thinking this may not happen.

:soapbox: Yea I know I posted this else where but **** it deserves to be posted AGAIN!


Just called "Reichard Buick/GMC" about my Outlook.


The camshaft actuator is on BACKORDER want to take a wild assed guess?


WTH!!! And to think GM really really wants to keep us Saturn drivers as customers.

HUMMM wonder what my friends who purchased the LAST Pontiac G8 will do if they need parts???

Guess they will someday be in the same boat as we are....without a paddle and far far far out to sea.
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LOL agree.

Did hear after I picked up the other rental that the parts, cylinder head and camshaft actuator have arrived. Was told it may be ready today....I said how about taking your time and making sure all the parts have been replaced and call me Wednesday instead.
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