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Acadia Denali

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Question folks.....would you consider an Acadia Denali?

I just read that the Acadia will have the "Denali" additions with the 2011 model.

I checked it out online and....lots of extra upgrades and the price I saw was slightly less than what we paid for our Outlook in 2007 with the same components. :eek:
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Sailfish said:
LOL do you think I could get high blue book on trade in at the dealership who is working on our Outlook? ;D

After all they know the Outlook "inside and out" by now. >:D
I would'nt get a Denali but would get a SLT2, I'm not much for ground effects. No they will not give you high $$ for your trade :(
Sailfish said:
Yea unfortunately I know that. Oh well.....the Outlook is...going going nope not yet but soon.
If you can sell it yourself, you'll get more $$ BUT you will have to tell the potential buyer of the issues that the OUTLOOK has had and show all the service reciepts in good faith. Karma is a B%^&h. Man do I know :sosad:
Sailfish said:
:banghead: Sighhhh!! :beer:
Ut Oh ::)
:eek:fftopic: I have an 05 VUE (V6 Auto) and would trust it to go anywhere. My 16 year old says it's too boxy and does'nt like to drive it ::)
Sailfish said:
So what if we are a bit :eek:fftopic:

Hey it is a fun car! Love our 03 VUE it has more "get up and get going" than our Outlook. Looks pretty darn good after 7 years and it SITS OUTSIDE!
Same here, my VUE will s^&t & git :eek:
Back to the Denali, are you going to get one? :D And by the way the 3.5L 250 hp Honda V6 is pretty bad a$$ for such a light vehicle 8). Does your Vue have the VTI trans? I hope not :eek:hno: :sosad:
kslaughter33 said:
No, I wouldn't consider the Acadia Denali. Too expensive and some of the body kit is too much cladding. History also shows that a limited addtion, or a Denali version on a 5 year old vehicle signals a new refreshed model is coming soon. You could make your own Denali for $1000's less. The look I'm trying to acheve on my Outlook is Acadlave, part Enclave, part Acadia. Photos coming soon
Oh do show, very interesting!
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