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I drive a 2008 XE and my husband complains about the gas pedal "tension" all the time. He says it's too loose.

He says if he lets his foot relax at all, without even pushing down the pedal is nearly floored. So, he has to kind of prop his foot up to avoid that. I don't have a problem. Sounds like classic lead foot to me ;) But, I'm 5'6" and he's 6'4". I think even with the seat all the way back, his legs are basically stright up and down so his foot wants to be level with the floor to be comfortable. In all seriousness, his foot and leg get really sore after more than an hour or so of driving, which is a problem cause he usually does all the longer trips.

Is there any way to increase the tension of the accelerator pedal to support his foot better and reduce his discomfort?
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