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The car has standard (I guess) factory radio with MP3 CD. I have the factory backup camera and park assist, but image shows on left side of rear view mirror in black and white, too small for my aging eyes. I really hate it and fear I am going to make a mistake one day, this vehicle is really big!

I generally open the rear hatch when backing up with a trailer as otherwise I can't see much thru rear window and rear view mirror camera view is just too small.

I think better solution is to install a new aftermarket unit with nice big colour display to show rear camera when reversing.

This way I can get Bluetooth Audio, navigation, and usable back up video.

Does anyone know if the rear camera signal and reverse trigger signal goes to stereo harness for easy plug and play? I prefer not to install another camera. I am thinking I may be able to tap into video signal from OEM camera but where to pick it up?

I see Chinese Android 8.1 units available on ebay for around $300, anyone have experience with these? They seem to have everything and claim to be plug and play.

This car is not my daily driver, I only really use for recreation and carrying large loads, but the reversing is important to me.
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