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Re: Adding Memoy Seats

salguod said:
Really, just the switch? There are not additional sensors in the seat or anything? Where are the switches located, on the door or the seat? I assume I'll need a new panel there to accommodate the switches.

If it's that easy, that'd be sweet, assuming I could find a dealer to do the reflash.
Switches are on the door like the Acadia. No sensors in the seats as that would not tell the vehicle who is in it. To add you would just have to cut the hole for the switches.

The memory seat also works off the remotes; remote 1 is driver 1 and remote 2 is driver 2. Hit the unlock button with remote 1 and it goes to that persons settings. You will need to see if the options are in the DIC as that is were it would be turned on or off. If it's not there programming will have to be done as well as the BCM.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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