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After thermostat change no heat

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Last week my 2010 Outlook began to run hotter than normal and the heat only worked intermittently. I filled the reservoir which seemed to bring the temp back to normal range and appeared to make the heat work again...for a short time. I then noticed that coolant appeared to have been pushed out of the reservoir overflow onto the ground and the same problems started again.

I surmised that I likely had a thermostat issue and proceeded to change out the thermostat this past weekend.

Now I appear to have no overheating issues, nor appear to be dropping any coolant, but my heat is not working at all. When I feel the heater core hoses that attached to the thermostat housing assembly, they do feel hot.

Any ideas?
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A bit more info...

So last night I was playing around with settings in the Outlook and discovered that it indeed is throwing heat....but only to the rear climate control.

This leads me to believe that there is a blend door actuator problem. Does anyone know which blend door actuator this is likely to be?
A further update...

I tried a 'factory reset' of the climate control system that I found on last night...

The reset process didn't seem to have any affect on things. Admittedly, I didn't get home until late last night and I didn't time everything precisely due to that. I may try it again this evening since I will be getting home much earlier than last night.

However, this morning I was screwing around with the settings again and noticed that when I made adjustments to the climate control knobs, I could hear the blend doors activating behind the dash....with the exception of the temperature control. As I made adjustments to the temp control (which obviously had no affect), I could NOT hear anything moving behind the dash.

This seems to further reinforce my belief that the temperature blend door is faulty. The fact that it appears to have gone bad at about the same time as the thermostat doesn't surprise me all that much...I've found that vehicles that I've owned tend to have several faults that present themselves about the same time.

My research seems to show that the different blend door actuators are all the same part, just in different locations (and some easier to get to than others). I'd rather not replace them all, so I am hoping that someone that reads this might be able to tell me which location controls the air temperature blend door...
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Not much action on the Outlook forum, try Enclave and Traverse forums.
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Yea, I've gotten some answers on the Acadia forum.

It's pointed me in the direction of blend door actuators or air in the cooling system.

I am leaning toward the actuators, but hope to test my hypothesis tonight after I get home from work.
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