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Air Conditioning Going out

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Noticed the the other day that the A/C was blowing air out the vent, just not as cold as it should be. Took to shop for diagnostic, was told the compressor and accumulator needs to be replaced. (Accumulator is that the condenser or evaporator?).
Total Cost: $1562.00

This Outlook is a money pit. Last year to year and half this is what has been replaced:
Water Pump (just under warranty, costs covered)
2 Ignition Coils and all 6 spark plugs at around 97,000 miles (Cost $900)
Steering Pump with to lower bearings replaced (Cost just under $900) - Mileage 115,000
Battery (Cost $145)

I have a battery light on in my dashboard (charging system indicator?) Been to the dealership twice on that - not resolved.
Now with the cost of the A/C repair, the Outlook is just not worth keeping. Will look at trading in on another vehicle in the coming months, probably not a GM vehicle.

Saturn Outlook Details:
Year: 2009
Trim: XE AWD
Mileage: 118,xxx.
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Hi All,

I THINK I know the CAUSE, the PROBLEM and I am going to try what I THINK is the CURE.

Please follow this post to the end and see if you agree with my diagnosis.


Here are 3 examples of what I have noticed that basically stops the AIR FLOW out of the FRONT AIR VENTS:

1. If you REMOTE START the vehicle with the air conditioning turned ON, the inside of the vehicle becomes pressurized.

As soon as you open the door, the air pressure in the cabin is released, thus putting pressure on the BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR to keep the FRONT AIR DISTRIBUTOR VALVES held in place, which appears to be the function of the BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR.

I don't think it has anything to do with the REMOTE START, I think it has do with CABIN AIR PRESSURE and the BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR (Please keep reading).

2. You are in the vehicle, ALL WINDOWS CLOSED, and a door is opened. You then lose air flow from the front vents, even though you can hear the blower going full blast.

3. You are in the vehicle, ALL WINDOWS CLOSED, you open a window. You then lose air flow from the front vents even though you can hear the blower going full blast.


I talked with another Outlook owner, who I know personally, and he had the same problem. He took the vehicle into a dealer, had the BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR replaced and the problem was resolved.

So, I am going to get a new BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR, replace it (hopefully in next few days), and see if that resolves the issue.

I will get back to you with my results as soon as I replace the BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR.


The Outlook is a very well sealed vehicle, and, between the FRONT BLOWER and the REAR BLOWER, there is a LOT of AIR PRESSURE in the vehicle thus creating a HIGH DEMAND on the BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR to keep the FRONT AIR DISTRIBUTOR VALVES in place to divert air flow to the UPPER AIR VENTS on the dash.

This is an ASSUMPTION on my part, but I think it is a factor.


I see that there is a new GM CUSTOMER SERVICE rep (William R. (assisting Kelly & Jessica) who is monitoring the site.

Hope to hear from Kelly, Jessica or William R. also.

This is my first post and I hope it is helpful and resolves this issue.

Look forward to your comments, thoughts, suggestions, etc.
Thanks to all.

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