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Air Conditioning Going out

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Noticed the the other day that the A/C was blowing air out the vent, just not as cold as it should be. Took to shop for diagnostic, was told the compressor and accumulator needs to be replaced. (Accumulator is that the condenser or evaporator?).
Total Cost: $1562.00

This Outlook is a money pit. Last year to year and half this is what has been replaced:
Water Pump (just under warranty, costs covered)
2 Ignition Coils and all 6 spark plugs at around 97,000 miles (Cost $900)
Steering Pump with to lower bearings replaced (Cost just under $900) - Mileage 115,000
Battery (Cost $145)

I have a battery light on in my dashboard (charging system indicator?) Been to the dealership twice on that - not resolved.
Now with the cost of the A/C repair, the Outlook is just not worth keeping. Will look at trading in on another vehicle in the coming months, probably not a GM vehicle.

Saturn Outlook Details:
Year: 2009
Trim: XE AWD
Mileage: 118,xxx.
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Not unheard of for the evap coil to leak because of a faulty part. They have to remove the whole dash to get to the part. Part is few bucks but labor is like 10 hours so the total repair is over a grand.

RobXR said:
I would try one of those $50 AC refill kits before trusting what a mechanic says about my AC.
True. If it leaks out again, then mechanic for a diagnostic.
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