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Airbag Light

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Hello, earlier today I was driving to work, when the airbag light came on and in the DIC it said "SERVICE AIR BAG". I have a 2009 outlook XE. im thinking about contacting onstar and having them do a diagnostics test to see what they find. I have only had the car since april. what could this mean? thanks!
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I had the same thing this past spring, the dealer replaced some sort of clip under the passenger seat and it's been fine ever since.
Ok ill bring it in and see what they say
Dear lkreykes,

I have read your post about your service air bag message in the DIC.

6Sixathome is correct with taking the vehicle into the dealership for diagnosis of this. In the owner's manual you will find that it reads that the vehicle is to be taken to the dealership when this light stays on and the message occurs. I hope that all goes well with your visit.

Michelle, GM Customer Service
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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