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Anyone having problems with Surging and Hestitation between 1500 and 2000 RPM?

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I have had my 2008 Outlook since Feb 08 and have had reoccuring problems with the transmission shifting at 1500 rpm...I have been told this is common because of the 6 speed transmission in the 6 cylinder engine. When the car reaches 1500 rpm it begins to look for a gear and hesitates and kind of vibrates and then when you push the excellerator harder and get to 2000 rpm it jumps out of it tires! I also have been having problems when a dead stop and then when you start to pull into traffic, the car hestitates and then surges into traffic. Nearly caused a headon collision with my wife and daughter in the car. VERY DANGEROUS. I am pushing Saturn for an immediate fox because I do not feel safe sending my family out in this car as is....
Anyone else have that experience?
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See my post under lem6611 that discusses my shifting problems that seem to be in the same problem area as you are discussing. I am taking my Saturn to the dealer in a few weeks for my annual safety inspection, and am demanding that they check out my concerns. I also discovered that there were a handful of TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) that appear to be right in line with shifting and other similar type problems. Check out the website is where I found the info.

Hope this helps...If I get any info about my problems from the dealer I'll post it...

We too have a problem with hesitation when axcellerating. We had an update done to our transmission but it still has not fixed this problem.
There was a new transmission update on May 8th, 2008. This newest update is optional because it's quite aggressive and will most likely have a negative impact on your fuel economy. If you are having serious problems, though, it might be worth it to look into this.

There's all the info you need to take to your dealer on this post:
I just had the latest update done today and it is a 100 times better, now i will have to see how the fuel economy is.
carolina2001 - Let us know if you notice a significant decrease in fuel economy. So far, the Acadias and Enclaves seem to notice very little impact on mileage.
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