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at a loss. running very bad

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i bought an 09 outlook that needed timing chains. the PO started the work. just removed valve covers and intake.
i put in all new chains and 4 VVT gears. used tool to hold cams. i have no doubt the timing is correct. also did a compression test. all 6 are 240psi.
started it up and it ran very bad. missing and popping. i ran it quite a bit but very hard to keep it running.
only codes i get consistently are 2,4 and 6 miss fire along with a random miss fire.
i did get a crank sensor fault twice and once got cam sync to crank code along with a knock sensor.
NO fuel pressure codes. but my pressure has been 1600 to 1700psi for the most part. at first it did jump around but pretty consistently hi.
i replaced the battery as it was old along with the crank sensor. the crank sensor did make it run better but fuel pressure is still hi and it still misses. plugs were new. all 6 are black. the front intake ports are black, the rear are clean. new knock snesor but still got the fault. best i can determine bank 1 is the rear bank? not much info on this car out there.
i unplugged the upstream O2s hoping that might lower the FP but it did not.
i hear the FP solenoid clicking. if i unplug the FP the pressure is around 60

the car sat for over a year. i am wondering if the gas is bad but not sure why my FP would be so hi.
my mechanic friend suggested swapping front and rear fuel injectors but i dont want to get into that yet.

i am at a loss. i have hi FP but no codes for it. i have a new fuel pump and 4 O2s in my cart but i am just not sure those are going to fix it.

can someone post a pic of the coolant reservoir as mine is missing and not sure where it was mounted.

the car is very clean and in good shape. i did find water in the wiring harnesses for the rear doors. everything did kind of go crazy when i plugged one of the door connectors back in before i found the water in it. sometimes when i start it the radio will pop.
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ok, had the battery unplugged to reset ECM. plugged O2s back in.
cold in open loop all O2s show .45v
it started an ran like it has been since i replaced the CPS.
then it went into closed loop and i could barely keep it running.
FP was 1600-1700 the entire time.
bank 1 O2s indicated lean
bank 2 O2s indicated rich
random miss fire code along with 2,4 and 6 miss fire.

i did swap coils from front to rear and stll the same.
could my CAT be clogged.
i was baffled why the intake port is wet and black.
perhaps the back pressure is pushing the gases back up the intake
i ran it without the front cat. it was hard to keep running but when it was it seemed smother. no codes but not sure if i ran it long enough to get codes
looking at an aftermarket set of all 3 cats for about 200
Berryman makes a fuel system cleaner B-12 (#0116) and on the back of that can says to use B-60 for neglected fuel systems.
Use Berryman's B-60 (#7516) High Mileage Fuel System Rejuvenator in gas tank to deep clean out varnish, etc.
It was the only treatment that worked (short of car mechanic professionally cleaning fuel injectors).
My idle fuel use is now lower as gas is not just pouring into the cylinders.
Available from NAPA for $22.69 / kit (an oil additive #7517 is included in kit, contains Synthetic Blend Motor Oil with Moly). I didn't use #7517.
It can be ordered online or in-store and picked up next day in-store. Give them a phone call. You can use your AAA member discount at NAPA.

Also you have / had oil coming into your air intake plenum via the PositiveCrankcaseVentilation valve and its tubing.
This causes deposits in the intake manifold at the valves and clogs the catalytics.
This can happen when too much oil is in the engine (after not changing motor oil & then over filling). Fuel dilution of motor oil may occur due to fouled / partially clogged injectors (not misting correctly).
The PCV valve is located on the top rear driver's side of the engine and the hose goes forward and into the top front of the intake manifold.
The hose then comes out near the vapor canister purge valve* and goes into the front of the air intake plenum*.
I found some oil pooled mid-plenum leading to the throttle body valve.
Clean out the oil in the plenum tube with paper towels and clean the throttle body and flap.
Don't leave anything behind or it will be sucked into air intake manifold!
Note: * If either of these leak, they mess up your air / fuel mixture as they are after the mass air flow sensor (vacuum leaks).
The 1st: ACDelco GM Original Equipment 214-1685 Vapor Canister Purge Valve with Bracket is at (I reused the old bracket & adapter to install)
and the 2nd: air intake plenum PCV nozzle can be fixed with Shoe Goo (seals & glues plastic) $5 at Walmart (Also can re-glue old tail light housings, etc.)
Carefully take off the plastic-welded intake plenum PCV hose nozzle at its base, clean with paper towel & reattach securely.
Slip on and attach hose after a few minutes. Hold intake plenum PCV nozzle in place with a spacer and duct tape, etc. You can then drive about.
Shoe Goo sets up quickly and cures in ~24 hours & remains flexible (shoe sole, etc. repair).
Do NOT apply flame or high temperature. The next day, remove the tape, etc.

Odds are you have carbon deposits in the intake manifold about the intake valves.
A major professional chemical cleaning operation with chemicals or walnut shell media blasting. (I have not done this yet.)

Other problems: Check all 3 of your engine & the 1 transmission mounts. Also check / replace the sway "bar" bushings. My mounts / bushings had failed.
My failed bushings were covered with black RTV (useless). I replaced them, too.
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The radiator overflow tank is mounted with 2 screws in front of fuse box & engine on right front.

DTI fuel injection uses a 2nd high pressure fuel pump at the engine to boost pressure.

"One symptom of a faulty" (Vapor Canister Purge) "Valve occurs when blockage forms at the opening, which produces a back-up of both air mixture and fuel. Contaminated valves can also affect performance, as particles that get lodged in the way of the valve can prevent it from opening and closing properly.
A canister purge valve that's stuck in the open position or that doesn't fully close can result in a small vacuum leak, leading to poor acceleration and a rough idle. Conversely, a valve that's stuck in the closed position prevents evaporated fuel from being burned in the engine, which can ultimately lead to emissions system failure." - AutoZone

I found Buick Enclave 08-10 Factory Service Repair Manual (Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook) 505 MB of PDFs at an Alternator Battery Charging thread Post #4:
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How are your spark plugs and coils?

I replaced my iridium spark plugs with hard to find NGK #91276 Ruthenium HX spark plugs. Rock Auto has them $8.71 / each.
This was when replacing the timing chains and guides as was easier access under the intake manifold.

Intake manifold & valve cleaning is recommended for DTI engines as routine maintenance. (Run-Rite)
I plan to do that this year. Have had 2009 Outlook 2 years. The motor oil was ~1.5 quarts over-filled.
The intake & exhaust valves were open at the same time when I got it. (timing chains & guides)
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