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Does anyone know where this is located? Is this the place where the battery is located in the back floorboard?
My daughter's 2008 Outlook started something's now going completely dead. She is now getting this message about her battery charging center needs service? Weird. This is after changing out old battery for new one several months back.

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Yes, the battery is in the rear under the floor. I don't know of any "charging station" or what the message she got really says. If she had to replace the battery in the last few months, and it is dead now, she might want to get the alternator and charging system checked out.

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LS973800 is right-- check the charging system... You may have confused 'system' with 'station/center'

I think this is the message youre referring to...

On some vehicles, this message
displays if there is a problem with
the battery charging system. Under
certain conditions, the charging
system light may also turn on in the
instrument panel cluster. See
Charging System Light on
page 5‑16. Driving with this
problem could drain the battery.
Turn off all unnecessary
accessories. Have the electrical
system checked as soon as
possible. See your dealer.

Charging System Light
The charging system light comes on
briefly when the ignition is turned
on, but the engine is not running, as
a check to show the light is working.
It should go out when the engine is
If the light stays on, or comes on
while driving, there may be a
problem with the electrical charging
system. Have it checked by your
dealer. Driving while this light is on
could drain the battery.
When this light comes on, the Driver
Information Center (DIC) also
displays the SERVICE BATTERY
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