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I bought my '08 Outlook XE last September before finding this forum. I checked the Carfax before purchasing, and the only things listed were oil changes and filter changes. The car had been part of a leased vehicle fleet, and it was in immaculate condition. The price was about $3k below book, and my wife fell in love with it after the test drive. I bought an extended warranty for the powertrain (the vehicle was at 110k miles, so they wouldn't do a bumper-to-bumper warranty) just to be safe, and we haven't had any problems to date. It's been a great car so far.

After visiting this site since the day after the purchase, I considered myself lucky. I read about all of the warranty problems, recalls, etc., and my car didn't seem to have any of them. Could it be that I had purchased one of the few that didn't have the problems? There's no way I could be that lucky. The "Service Airbag" message popped up just over a month ago, and I decided to take it in for a diagnostic over the weekend. My VIN didn't fall under the airbag recall, but GMC Customer Service said I qualified for the airbag service covered under Special Warranty 10335. Sweet!

The dealer called me about an hour after dropping off the car and told me the vehicle had already been serviced for the special warranty. I found this odd, because my doesn't list this warranty/recall being performed. In fact, neither did the Carfax. The dealer also indicated that the recent recall basically undoes the work that was performed under the special warranty (special warranty installed new connectors, recall cuts out the connectors and hard wires the unit), but this wouldn't fix my situation. It turns out my Passenger Presence Sensor had failed. I decided to hold off for a bit on paying for the repair, but asked her if she could print me off a list of all of the warranty repairs that had been performed. She said she couldn't, due to recent privacy laws, and that she could only provide the info for the work that had been performed since I purchased the car. I found this to be a bit odd, so she said she'd look into it.

The dealer called me back yesterday to confirm that she couldn't provide a print out of the record, but she was willing to read off the repairs. I figured it would be minor, but I was wrong. My car has had just about every warranty repair performed, aside from the steering column: 3-5-R wave plate replaced at 65k miles (she said I shouldn't ever need a new transmission. We'll see how that goes.); both headlight wiring and connections; engine cover; water pump; steering pump; etc. I wasn't expecting the full list she rattled off, and I was a little shocked. None of this appeared on the Carfax. The Carfax made it look like I was buying the perfect car, but now it seems like I bought the perfect rebuilt car (might have to get a ROBOCAR vanity plate. :thumb:). I guess I can now say I've officially joined the group. Thanks for having me! :cheers:

I guess the long-and-short of this story is why doesn't the Carfax list the warranty repairs that were made? Additionally, why hasn't GM made it possible to view all of the repairs associated with the VIN through the portal? Is it possible to get a full list of the warranty repairs so I can seem a little more educated when visiting the dealer for potential problems? This seems like something simple and logical, but for some reason it doesn't appear to work that way.
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