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Finally got my camper out of my garage so the Outlook can go in. When it is in the garage and open the power liftgate, it hits the bottom edge of the open garage door and the trim around the door opening. It just barely hits the door at the top of the travel. In fact, it hits and there's a 'pop' sound and the support rod jumps. I'm concerned that I'm going to damage the mechanism if I keep operating it like this. :angryfire:

I don't have an unusual door size, I don't believe, so I'm a bit surprised that this is a problem. It was never a problem with out Odyssey.

Is there a way to limit the door travel? If it stopped probably only an inch or two sooner, it would be fine. Alternatively, is there a way to turn off the power part of the liftgate but only if you open it from the rear, not from the remote or dash switch? ???
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