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Ok folks,

So last week I had an issue with using E3 spark plugs, I ended up replacing with stock ACdelco's, but continued to have issues with misfiring. I brought the car to my indy mechanic, who claimed the injectors were just dirty, but noticed when he removed my intake manifold, that there was coolant pooling under it. In addition, he said coolant was leaking into cylinder 3, and suggested I get rid of the vehicle since it has 110k on it. Well, yesterday my wife takes it out as she normally does and the check engine light turns on... but no apparent issues, so I scan it and get code P1174. My wife takes it out today, and the engine stutters and rumbles then goes away and drives fine but the CEL is on. So I take it back to the indy mechnic whom tells me I have a blown head gasket. Last time he told me he had done a compression test, leak down, and smoke, and all was good, but says since there is coolant leaking in cylinder 3, the head gasket needs to be replaced.

Could anyone shed some light on this? I'm not sure what this could be... the code says faulty injectors, or bad O2 sensor, the mechanic says blown headgasket, my gut says intake manifold gasket leak... I mean, the car isn't overheating, no white smoke out the tail pipe, but it does keep coming up low on coolant.
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