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Hello All,

This is my first post as I just purchased an 07 Outlook XE.

I noticed a similar Dome light post recently but did not want to hijack that thread.

My 07 Outlook XE has the following issue.

The courtesy lights that illuminate when the rotary dash mounted light switch is turned are:

All domes (Reading Lights) 6ea
Pass Floor illumination
Driv Floor illumination
Rear Cargo Door 2ea

However, they don't come on automatically when a door is opened.

This seems like I don't have something set right as they actually do work in what I'll call the "Manual Mode."

I didn't find any useful info in the owners manual.

Any input would greatly be appreciated.


By the way, love the new (for us) Saturn.

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Well, I found the answer to my own question as this issue was already discussed in another thread. ;D

I must have missed it when I did the search. :beer:

There is a dome light disable button directly above the dimmer switch and a rear window defog button below. The problem is that these buttons don't look much like buttons and are easily missed.

Forums are so awesome, there always seems to be someone who knows the answer to your question.
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