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Cuise Control Delay

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Is it normal for the Lambdas to have a significant delay when using the resume feature of the cruise control? It takes a good 3-4 seconds from hitting the button to feeling the car accelerate to the previous speed. Neither my Mazda3 nor my Honda Odyssey had such a big delay.
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rbarrios said:
Alot of times- I dont use this resume feature-- beause it downshifts and rpms go way up to get up back to speed...
I prefer to do it gradually (to save gas)...
Though I have not timed to see if it mimics yours.
I've actually heard that for better mileage it's better to floor it and get up to speed as quickly as you can. The theory being you want to spend as much time at the most efficient speed as possible. I have a reasonably heavy foot and get 17/23.5 with my outlook.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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