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Cuise Control Delay

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Is it normal for the Lambdas to have a significant delay when using the resume feature of the cruise control? It takes a good 3-4 seconds from hitting the button to feeling the car accelerate to the previous speed. Neither my Mazda3 nor my Honda Odyssey had such a big delay.
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rbarrios said:
Alot of times- I dont use this resume feature-- beause it downshifts and rpms go way up to get up back to speed...
I prefer to do it gradually (to save gas)...
Though I have not timed to see if it mimics yours.
I don't use the resume feature either; I have found in the past that my Acadia downshifts 1 to 2 gears until it gets back to the previous set speed. As far as the time; I would guess it would be in the 3-4 second range
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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