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Custom made mount for a Garmin GPS

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The ball/mount is made from wood, painted dull black. The ball is made from hardwood and is available at any Hobby store i.e. Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Etc. usually sold in a bag of 5 or more @$1.25 or so. Buy a 3/4 inch hardwood diameter ball, also a 1/4 inch hardwood dowel rod, you will also need a 3/8 inch brass spring loaded bullet catch. The bullet catch is to make a snug fit in the cavity.

The body of the mount is made from any wood I used a piece of 2x3 pine.

The ball (Detail "B") must be turned down to .670 thousands of an inch. You can use a wood lathe, drill press or a electric hand drill with a wood rasp & sandpaper. Use a caliper or micrometer to check size.
Finished size must be .670[/color] if ball is to large it won't fit the Garmin socket, if to small it will not be a tight friction fit. After assembly paint the unit when it is dry apply Velcro to the bottom & angled side, press the bullet catch in place, install in lower dash cavity. Follow the drawing & pictures below.


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