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About three weeks ago my drivers door started creaking. Thinking this was odd given the doors are *supposed* to be lubed every time I get the oil changed. I shugged it off and obtained some GM Super-lube and lubricated the problematic hinge. This worked for about 2 weeks before the creaking returned with a vengeance.

Took a closer look tonight and think I've identified the problem. It appears that a "bushing" or cylindrical object in the bottom hinge is not rotating freely as the door /opens and closes, causing excessive friction. A quick look at the same part on the passengers side validated that the "bushing" in the hinge should rotate.

Anyone run into this / know if the bushing can be replaced or does the whole hinge need to be swapped out? It looks like a decent project either way given that you'd have to hold the door in place while you work on it. Just what I need - not. If I can't DIY it I'm thinking a body shop would be my best bet. Thoughts?
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