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dripping oil

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:( Just wondering if any Outlook owners have dripping oil after oil changes? This last time the oil dripped for 4 days. Frustrating to get oil on driveway and garage floor. Never occurred on any other vehicle I have owned.
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If you had read the other posts/thread from the past, you would know that this is very common...

So, when we take our Outlooks for an Oil change to the dealers, they spill lots (or a significant amount of ) engine oil onto your 'cross bar'/frame under the engine as they remove the oil filter. Because of this, you will have oil drippin for several days, unless you go under and clean as much as you can.

I was forwarned about this issue in those other 'threads' and so as soon as I had the dealer do the first oil change (what a nightmare), I immediately went down under my car with some paper towels and cleaned as much as I could to prevent the oil from dripping onto my driveway. That's all you can do....unless you take your car to a 'better' mechanic.

On my second oil change, last month, I took it to my 'trusted' local mechanic and he was very carful not to spill any oil when removing the filter. What ever he did spill, he cleaned right away. His price for an oil change: $18.99 (for regula oil). (I brought my own Castrol Synthetic Oil).

BL (in San Fran - home of the import lovers and the Sierra Club).
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