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Drive & Passenger Seat Leather

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Hi, I bought a 2010 Outlook XR Premium approx 10 months ago with 20k miles and now I have approx 32k miles. I've noticed that the seats leather is getting much more stretched and wrinkled...I'm not a fat man and neither is my wife :) and we barely have someone in the passenger seat. I took it to the dealer and they said its normal wear and tear but they would be willing to quote me a new seat cover.

I was very surprised by this as it is something that I didn't expect the seats to start doing. Does anyone else have any issues like this or know of a way to correct besides buy a new seat cover?


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The leather in these GM vehicles is jjust plain junk!!! Ford is even worse too. I'm going to swap mine out for Katzkin covers when they get bad enough.
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