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Hi everyone,

During the past 2+ weeks my family and I drove from Dallas, TX to Long Beach Island, NJ and returned back to Dallas. It's a long drive that a lot of people would not like. During these 2 weeks we added about 6,000 miles to our Outlook XR AWD.

Many of you know how bullish I am about the Outlook, so I won't rehash that. But, I will share the things I did not like during the trip.

1. The 2nd and 3rd row seats are not comfortable for adults on an extended trip. They MAY be OK for young kids but since my youngest is 25, we had comfort issues. I sat back there while they drove, and I became extremely uncomfortable. I had to move back to the front. By the way, we drove non-stop (over 1,500 miles and 23 hours on the return trip).

2. That issue many have had with the temperature gauge reading to high.... well, mine started malfunctioning during the trip.

3. For 6,000 miles, most of which was highway averaging 70+ MPH we only averaged 20 MPG.

4. Not Saturn's fault, but a truck threw a rock and cracked my windshield on the way up there. I called State Farm and they dispatched a windshield repair person to our vacation home.

5. Although I've had the tranny flash done (twice) my 28 year old complained that the shifting was awkward.

6. The GPS incorrectly routed us through Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia. It should have just kept us on 95/ and the NJ Turnpike. This turned out to be a big inconvenience.

7. The compass in the mirror indicated East while driving due West.

I'm still very happy with the car. I don't know any other car that would be much more comfortable than the Outlook.

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