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i am a new user to this site and this is my first question and hope to get the answer of my question.

i am a new user to outlook i create a account in outlook and my all the e-mails from the yahoo address are disappears and copy into outlook. the problem is that when i go to the other computer then in order to check the e-mails i has to go on the yahoo site but there is no e-mails on it because all the e-mails copy to outlook.

i hope you understand my problem.

thanks for help.

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Go to "tools" then "Email Accounts", change existing, click on change, then more settings then advanced. At the bottom you will see "Leave on Server". Check that box then ok out of every thing. All your emails will remain on Yahoo till you delete them.

Next time you want to go to the Microsoft web site and not the SATURN automobile site.
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