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Hi Guys
I love my Saturn but it’s making me very nervous my kids and I are going to get left on side of road. (1 hr to town no service ).
Anyways the engine is making a pulsing sound and feeling in the steering wheel, intermittent but increasing in frequency and apparently getting worse. I cnat feel it at idol and it doesn’t seem affected by accelerating beyond speeding up with the rpm.

last time it happenedI was close to home and wheel started shaking pretty violently. I shut down and restarted the car a few times and it kept coming back. By the times I pulled in, Smoke coming from hood and quarter panel very hot. Engine popping every few seconds while off. I thought it was toast and went inside. Came back out startedup fien a few hrs later. Drove a couple hundred k after that and I can hear and feel the faint wrapping in the engine even w coasting.

any ideas much appreciated
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