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Excessive Brake Wear

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I took my '08 with 20,500 miles to the dealer for an oil change on May 22

They told me that my brake pads are 70 % worn, and that the rotors are slightly out of round. Even though they are usually booked on Saturday's for service, they would have been able to repair the brakes for about $100.00 a wheel. Suddenly they had the time to do the repair.

I had a 2002 Ford Taurus, (very good car), whose brakes I overheated on Route 30 in Southeastern PA. (4 wheel discs). I did feel brake throbbing with the Ford when I applied the brakes at 60 mph. I do not feel any brake throbbing with the Outlook.

I do not drive the car 'hard'. I do not like to buy gasoline, tires or brakes. I accelerate gently and brake gently. I don't wait until the last 30 yards to stop the car for a red light at 40mph. I usually get 50,000 - 70,000 miles on a set of brakes.

Has anyone else heard of such premature brake wear??
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Are you a do it yourself person?
YOu may be able to take the rotors off yourself- and take them to a shop...

my 2003 Trailblazer (at the time it had about 145,000) was getting a slight pulsation...
I took off the 2 fronts- drove the rotors to a parts store and they turned the rotors for $10 Each.
They said they barely shaved anything off...
I bought new AC DELCO pads and put them on- quite easy.
I would suspect removing the Lambdas is just as easy...
yes- you can only do the fronts- or the rears...

you dont have to do all 4.

chances are the fronts are more worn out than the rears- fronts tend to wear out much faster.
But yes- its recommended that if you turn your rotors- that you get new pads.
Its also recommended that you 'break' in your pads.
Theres some procedure where you go to an empty road and get up to speed- and do several 'panic' stops. (ill try to find the procedure).
But- this is what Ive done with my Trailblazer. I once tightened the lug nuts without a torque wrench- and it started to vibrate about 5000 miles later.
I removed the rotors- and a local parts store turned them for $10 each. They said they shaved off very little....
I put new brake pads on- and then 'broke' them in.

just like AA-78U said...
loosen the lug nuts (use a breaker bar- socket, ratchet wrench, and a long metal tube)...
and retighten the lug nuts using a torque wrench.

See less See more

for oil changes- I put down plastic- and cardboard.
and every few weeks- Ill go out- and scrub the cement with ajax and a stiff brush (where tires have left black marks) (like turning the tires while not moving much....
these are mostly at the driveway entrance- but seeing those black marks gets on my nerves.
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