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Excessive Brake Wear

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I took my '08 with 20,500 miles to the dealer for an oil change on May 22

They told me that my brake pads are 70 % worn, and that the rotors are slightly out of round. Even though they are usually booked on Saturday's for service, they would have been able to repair the brakes for about $100.00 a wheel. Suddenly they had the time to do the repair.

I had a 2002 Ford Taurus, (very good car), whose brakes I overheated on Route 30 in Southeastern PA. (4 wheel discs). I did feel brake throbbing with the Ford when I applied the brakes at 60 mph. I do not feel any brake throbbing with the Outlook.

I do not drive the car 'hard'. I do not like to buy gasoline, tires or brakes. I accelerate gently and brake gently. I don't wait until the last 30 yards to stop the car for a red light at 40mph. I usually get 50,000 - 70,000 miles on a set of brakes.

Has anyone else heard of such premature brake wear??
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Another thing to keep in mind is the stock pads are low-dust. Low-dust pads typically are less grippy - and IMO abuse the rotor with long contact time to get the equivalent stopping power. Thus, the rotor gets more wear, thinning them out, and making them more susceptible to warping.

My rotors have a slight warp to them at 26K miles. I'm going to replace the rotors and use a more effective pad, such as EBC "Green" pads.
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