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Excessive Brake Wear

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I took my '08 with 20,500 miles to the dealer for an oil change on May 22

They told me that my brake pads are 70 % worn, and that the rotors are slightly out of round. Even though they are usually booked on Saturday's for service, they would have been able to repair the brakes for about $100.00 a wheel. Suddenly they had the time to do the repair.

I had a 2002 Ford Taurus, (very good car), whose brakes I overheated on Route 30 in Southeastern PA. (4 wheel discs). I did feel brake throbbing with the Ford when I applied the brakes at 60 mph. I do not feel any brake throbbing with the Outlook.

I do not drive the car 'hard'. I do not like to buy gasoline, tires or brakes. I accelerate gently and brake gently. I don't wait until the last 30 yards to stop the car for a red light at 40mph. I usually get 50,000 - 70,000 miles on a set of brakes.

Has anyone else heard of such premature brake wear??
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I replaced my front brakes at 50K miles and my rear at 60K miles. I placed ceramic pads. This was a very easy job. If you have a bit of time and knowledge, it will save a lot of money to DIY. There is so much improvement in driving with this style of pad. In addition, when I did have the standard on the rear and ceramic on the front, there was a marked difference in the temperature of the wheel after driving on the expressway. (lower temp, lower wear on the tires)
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