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Blue’s Clues- Almost everything you need to know about posting on and using the Saturn Outlook Forum

Why isn’t anyone answering my question or replying to my post or why was this thread linked in a reply to my question?

It is usually because you are asking about something that has already been answered or dealt with in another post. You need to do a proper search (see searching). If this is not the case, maybe no one knows the answer. Also, follow up on your post. This shows members you are still around and still need some help. Few members want to waste time answering a question that will never be read or used. Most questions can be answered by doing a proper search. While many questions may be answered in a few hours, some may take information from someone that has been there and done that or is more knowledgeable in that area and will take a few days.

This is a mature and enjoyable forum. Please respect others and treat them as you would like to be treated. Please spell check your post, and do not post in ALL CAPS, as this is considered shouting and hard to read, as is a poorly worded post with run-on sentences and improper capitalization. Your browser may underline words it thinks are misspelled. You can right click on these to see options. A free online spell check utility is here:

How can I be notified via email when someone replies to my (or another) post?
There are two ways. On your post or reply, click on “Additional options” and the first box allows you to be notified of replies. The second method is to go to your profile and then click on “Notifications and email” and check the boxes as needed.

Is there a way to see new posts since I was last here or replies to my posts?
Yes, there is a link is right under your username at the top of the page and also one on the bottom of the page by the page number. It says “Show unread posts since last visit” (top) or just “Unread posts” (bottom). Also in the top section are links for all unread posts and replies to your posts.

This forum is different than what I’m used to.
The software used by this forum is indeed different than other message boards you may be used to. The same concepts apply, and you can do the same stuff here as you do elsewhere. Some differences include links that are different color text, not underlined as in other forums, and the user interface/control panel/profile.

I used the search box and there is nothing here about my topic. How can I find other posts about my topic?
As it currently stands, the search box in the upper right of the screen only searches the current topic. To do an effective search, you have to use the search button on the menu on the upper left of the screen. This takes you to another screen. From here, you can search all Lambda forums (upper box) or just the Outlook forum (lower box). By default, all sections are checked. You can choose a certain area to search in by clicking on “Choose a board to search in, or search all” and checking the sections you want to search in.

How do I put pictures in my post?

This sounds harder than it is. If you can post on a message board, you can transfer and post photos. The rewards are great, especially in for sale ads. The process is as follows:
Take the picture, transfer it from your camera to your computer (your camera will usually have software to do this), upload it into on online account, and insert it into your post.

Once they are on your computer, you need to upload them to an online photo service. Tip- don’t post with huge pictures. 640x480 or 800x600 are fine for message boards. Photos can usually be resized on your computer using the transfer program or photo editing software. Microsoft paint will also do this. Photobucket and Picassa are two free online photo hosting services. This example uses Photobucket. Once you have set up an account, you follow the website’s instructions to get the pictures from your computer to the service. Photobucket has tutorials here if you need some help:

From there, all you need to do is insert the web address of the picture(s) into your post. This is done using the “image” tag, or [ img ] (there are no spaces between the brackets and img when you use it). Just like [ b ] makes bold text, [ img ] tells the forum software there is an image at a certain location. [ /img ] tells it this is the end of the photo. On Photobucket, under the photo you have uploaded from your computer, there are three boxes. The bottom one is for img use on message boards. All you need to do is click on the text in the box and a little yellow message pops up saying it has been copied. Go to your post and paste it into the post where you want the picture. You will see [ img ] http: web address photo . jpg [ /img ] (spaces added so it won't convert this text to a link).

How do I add an attachment like a PDF or DOC file?
When you are replying, look under the place where you type in your message. It is normally seen as “Additional options”. Click on it, and you will see check boxes to notify you of replies, return to the topic after posting, and to not use smileys. Below that is a box for attachments. The types of files that can be uploaded and the size is noted here. Click on “browse” to find the file on your computer. You can add more than one by clicking on “more attachments”. The attachments won’t be seen until you post, so they are not shown on a preview. You can post pictures as an attachment so long as they meet the type and size requirements.

What are some tips for a good ad?

The goal here is to let buyers know what you have, and provide a means for them to contact you. Pictures are essential, and will save you a lot of time answering questions about stuff that could be seen in a picture. For vehicles, shoot all 4 corners of the exterior, the front, and the back. Include a couple of the interior to include the seats and dash. Highlight any good point such as new tires. A shot of the engine bay is helpful also. Avoid repeating photos, such as the side and then a shot 2 feet closer. Be descriptive when you write about it- color, size, options, what is good and what is bad. Always list a price. People that want to bid or make an offer can go to ebay and do so. State if your price is firm or best offer. If you don’t list a price, don’t get mad when you get an offer of $500 for something you believe is worth $5000. Include how you want to be contacted- private message, email, or phone. Be aware that posting an email or phone number will eventually be picked up by search engines and anyone (including email spammers) will see this information.

As an additional caution, please read these Fraud Awareness Tips from AutoTrader, specifically "Before you buy or sell"- common-sense advice for buyers and sellers. Fraud is possible on both sides of any transaction, so educate and protect yourself.

How do I change my information (the stuff you see under my username)?

On the top left menu, click on “Profile”. You then see a screen with menus on the left. You can change all your settings here, such as your avatar (picture everyone sees by your username) and your signature (what everyone sees under your post).

Why should I put my location in my profile?
Often your question or issue is or could be regional in nature. By placing your location in your profile, no one needs to ask you where you are. Your location is essential on a for sale post, since usually someone out of the area will not be interested in your item.

Why should I put my year and model in my signature?
As with the location issue, often a question you are asking about your Outlook will require those replying to know what you have. All trim levels (XE, XR) have different equipment and options. There are also differences between front wheel drive (FWD) and all wheel drive (AWD).

What are the differences in the Outlook models?

The Outlook is currently offered in two trim levels. The base model is the XE and the top level is the XR. To find out what each model has, you can search here or go to and research the models in depth.

Where can I find pricing information for the Outlook? and even are all sources. and Edmunds offer invoice and retail prices and all let you “build” your Outlook. Cars and Edmunds also allow you to price used vehicle values.

What is GMS or employee pricing?
GMS is the term GM uses for employee pricing. Unless it is an “everyone” type deal such as in 2005 and in a limited fashion 2008, GM has very strict rules that only allow employees and family members, as the price is below dealer invoice. This requires an authorization number. The GM Employee website is here:

What is Supplier Pricing?
This is a price GM sells vehicles to for companies that are affiliated with GM. Experience has shown you can usually negotiate a better price than this, although for those that don’t like the negotiation game, it has value. You must be given an authorization number by an authorized person or GM Employee in order to use this feature. The GM Supplier website is here:

How can I see the new models if the website won't let me input that year?
After model changeover, in a few weeks everything works as it should. Until then, at some point (no one knows when) you can usually build your vehicle to the point where you select the color and modify the address line in your browser (the http: stuff at the top, very lengthy). You replace the current year (i.e. 2008) with the year you want to find (i.e. 2009), it is towards the end of the long string of text there. Hit enter and you should be good to go. This does not always work, your mileage may vary!

What are some good GM or related websites to get information?
There are several non-publicized or not widely known websites that are publicly accessible. Here are a few:
Online order/reference guide- you can see what options are available for your vehicle, as well as other information. Start with “Print book” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs):

GM has a web site with great technical and user info on its Bluetooth. Thanks to member amfriedman for this one.

Parts (note- low prices, high shipping costs, online catalog can be used to find part numbers by putting items in cart and going to checkout):

For online aftermarket stock replacement parts, Rock Auto has great prices, reasonable shipping, and tremendous customer service:
Blue's Disclaimer- I don't work there, they are not a supporting vendor, but I do shop there for parts for my unmodified & modified vehicles and have never received poor service. They are quick to resolve any problem, have an easy to use online catalog, and ship parts right away if in stock.

This thread will be edited and updated as required. I have locked it so as not to clutter it. Please PM me for suggestions or corrections.
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