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For those of us who use Pennzoil Platinum (or actually almost ANY Pennzoil) there is a site where you can get a rebate for registering your cars. I just registered both our vehicles, and was able to print out a rebate form for $20.00 for each of the Pennzoil Platinum jugs I just purchased today. One rebate for each car I registered for their engine warranty.

I had purchased two 5 quart jugs of Pennzoil Platinum today at Walmart for 24.97 a jug. Attached to each jug was an instant $5.00 rebate taken off at the register, bringing the price of each jug down to $19.97. This in store rebate is good until October 31, 2012 according to the flier on each jug. When I got home I did a web search for additional Pennzoil rebates because I want to stock up on some of this oil.

The Pennzoil web site linked here allows you to register each car you use their oil in (some restrictions on miles already on the car) and to print out a rebate form for EACH car registered of various amounts depending on the type of Pennzoil you use. I got $20.00 for each jug of the Platinum, there is $25.00 for the Ultra. I just said I changed the oil in each car today when it asked for the latest oil change done, and I'm all set to send in the rebate forms.

Hope those of you who use Pennzoil are able to take advantage of this savings. Even if you don't change your own oil, you can get the rebate by having your shop or garage do the change. There is a list of places according to your zip code where you can get it done on that site. Good luck!
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