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- General Motors contributes earnings and benefits to more than a million employees, dependents, and retirees in North America; more than any other company.
- More than 1.1 million people in North America receive health-care benefits from General Motors, making GM America’s largest health care provider.
- In the year 2006, GM spent $4.8 billion to cover health-care costs for employees, retirees, and dependents in North America.
- In the year 2005, nearly one million Americans earned their living by building or selling GM vehicles.
- Every month, 457,000 retirees and spouses in North America receive pension checks from General Motors.
- In the past seven years, General Motors’ capital investments in the U.S. have totaled more than $31 billion (more than double Toyota’s and more than triple Honda’s).
- More than 80 percent of the parts content of General Motors vehicles sold in America originates in America (compared to 53 percent for Honda and 50 percent for Toyota).
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