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I just recently got a 2007 Outlook XE for my second car at 17. So far I haven't had many issues, I've put around 6k miles on it, and some of the issues I've had include the heater hose leaking, causing my car to overheat, occasionally my speedometer stops working, but a tap or two fixes it. My resonator had a leak, so I removed it off completely but it sounded terrible after, so I also removed the muffler and replaced it with a cherry bomb glass pack. It's kind of loud and obnoxious now, but I don't care because it sounds awesome. My taillights are leaking, I have to replace the housings because the lights keep short circuiting. Also getting code P0449 but it drives okay. I did the LLT mod to my engine, and she runs a lot better now. The PVC valve was full of sludge.
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