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Hi all,

Went on a short road trip this past long weekend, first time driving the outlook in a few weeks as the wife mostly drives it now with kids. Anyways as we were cruising down the highway at about 90-100 KM/H I went pressed down on the accelerator to climb a small incline. Transmission proceeded to downshift from 6 to 4 and that's when it happened, transmission seemed to go from 4 to 5, hard, then jumped back to 4, RPM shot to 4K then again hit into 5 then into 6. Now of course I was like holly crap did you feel that?, to my wife and she said "no" So it did it again about 10 minutes later....same response. Naturally I asked if she noticed this before and I got the standard response, "no" . At the conclusion of our trip I counted about 4 times it did that up and down. Vehicle is a 2008 Outlook XR with about 140K on it.

Thinking sticking solenoid at this point in time.
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