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It's time for me to replace the orignal goodyears on our outlook. I like the aggressive look of the goodyears, but the cost is out of control and I'm the other tire options in 255/65/18's don't have the agressive tread I like, so I'm looking at other sizes that should work. I'm looking at 265/65/18's and 265/60/18's. There are loads more options in these sizes. Some of them have outlined white letters, which could be turned inside. There are a lot of SUV's that have outlined white letters, but I don't think I've ever seen them on a Outook. If you have done this, post some pictures.

Also, if anyone has an comments on the alternate sizes I'm looking at, that feedback would be helpful as well. I don't think clearance will be an issue with either and the speedometer error is minor, so I'm not concerned.

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