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I have a 2002 L300 series V6 saturn sedan with a 107000 miles on it, and the check engine light came on last week. The car has been since rumbling, sputtering, etc. Before this I haven't had problems with the car after doing routine maintenance, etc.

I took it in for a diagnostic at a mechanic shop. They ran a quick electric scan and it said that one of the coils was bad and a cylinder was misfiring.

Trying to save some money, I ended up getting the work done by a cheaper mechanic who does work out of his garage, and we did the following (or at least he said we did the following): 1) changed all of the coils, 2) changed all of the spark plugs, 3) cleaned out one of the connecting valves/chambers (something like that, I can't remember the name exactly). He said he used new parts. I trust this mechanic and don't think that he intentionally did anything wrong or scammed me, but I'm not exactly sure. I am confused why there is a misfiring signal still showing up if we replaced all of these parts.

It seemed to be driving a little better for the first half hour or so, but later that day the rumbling/sputtering started again, and it is pretty much back to how it was before.

I took it BACK to the previous mechanic's shop (the place I went to first) to get a diagnostic again, and they ran a test on it, and are saying that it is still showing there is a misfiring cylinder. The mechanic said that the coil did not look like a new coil to him, but he was not sure. They are saying they can replace the coil and spark plug on this cylinder. Of course this should have already been done!

I am going back to the guy who did the work tomorrow to have him look at this problem again, and he agreed to take a look at it again to see what is going on.

I have a few questions:

*If the check light is still registering a misfiring cylinder, could there be a totally different problem that is causing this?
*Is there any way to make sure that the coils that are in there right now actually were new and the mechanic who did the work is telling the truth? I have a shop telling me that the don't look like new coils and I have the mechanic saying he put in new coils. The coils say "Made in Germany" and have various numbers on them.
*If the mechanic did actually do what he said he did (replace the coils, replace the spark plugs), what other issues could be causing this sputtering/rumbling and causing the signal to say a misfiring cylinder?
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