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I am having the same headlight problems alot of people are having with my 07 XR. I know the headlight bulbs go in the outer headlight bezels but what are the inside headlight bezels for? it looks like there should be two bulbs in each headlight but of course there is only the one, so what does the socket beside the bulb do?

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We just bought it a year ago but i think it is the oem lights. Just called my GM dealer yesterday and said there is no recall just a service advisory which means I will still have to fork out the estimated $500-$600 just to get them to fix the driver's side harness replaced. are you kidding me?

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Ok. So maybe there wasn't an official recall for this. There is a NHTSA investigation still open regarding this.

Take this to your dealer and make them do it for free:

Dear General Motors Customer:
We have learned that your 2008-2010 model year Cadillac CTS; 2010 model year Cadillac SRX; or
2007-2010 model year GMC Acadia or Saturn OUTLOOK may have a condition in which the
halogen headlamp connectors may lose electrical contact with the low beam headlamp bulb. This
condition could cause the headlamp and/or daytime running lamp to work intermittently. This
condition does not affect the high beam headlamps.
Your satisfaction with your GM vehicle is very important to us, so we are announcing a program to
prevent this condition or, if it has occurred, to fix it.
What We Will Do: Your GM dealer will replace the headlamp connectors and the low beam
headlamp bulbs. This service will be performed for you at no charge until December 31, 2013.
After that, any applicable service charges will apply.
What You Should Do: To limit any possible inconvenience, we recommend that you contact your
dealer as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for this repair. By scheduling an
appointment, your dealer can ensure that the necessary parts will be available on your scheduled
appointment date.
Reimbursement: If you have paid for repairs for the condition described in this letter, please
complete the enclosed form and present it to your dealer with all required documents. Working
with your dealer will expedite your request, however, if this is not convenient, you may mail the
completed form and all required documents to Reimbursement Department, PO Box 33170, Detroit,
MI 48232-5170. The completed form and required documents must be presented to your dealer or
received by the Reimbursement Department by December 31, 2012, unless state law specifies a
longer reimbursement period. Even though you may have already had this condition corrected, you
will still need to take your vehicle to your dealer for additional repairs.
If you have any questions or need any assistance to better understand related repairs, please
contact your dealer. If you have questions related to a potential reimbursement, please contact the
appropriate Customer Assistance Center at the number listed below.
Division Number Text Telephones
Cadillac 1-800-458-8006 1-800-833-2622
GMC 1-800-462-8782 1-888-889-2438
Saturn 1-800-553-6000 1-800-833-6000
Guam 65-6267-1752
Puerto Rico – English 1-800-496-9992
Puerto Rico – Español 1-800-496-9993
Virgin Islands 1-800-496-9994
We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern that this situation may cause you. We want you
to know that we will do our best, throughout your ownership experience, to ensure that your GM
vehicle provides you many miles of enjoyable driving.
Jim Moloney
General Director,
Customer and Relationship Services
CSC-10043330-5822 is the reference where I found it.
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