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So my driver's side HID (low beam) AND the DRL, has been intermittent over the last couple of days. My '09 Outlook has the factory HIDs.

I took my Outlook to the GMC dealer for a diagnosis. I made it a point to explain to the Service Advisor that these conditions existed. Two hours into it, and they pre-emptively diagnosed the low-beam HID was bad, and that it would be $478 + tax to fix... ok, then what about the DRL... well, that's $22, and no additional labor. Oh, and if the bulb doesn't address the issue, then it's gotta be the ballast... more $$$.

So this is where I get into a constructive argument about how in the **** that both bulbs could display intermittent behavior at the same time??? So when the ignition is on, set to "Auto" and the DRL is active, the driver's side DRL bulb may not light, then switch to "on", and the low beam doesn't light... hmmm. Switch it between "Auto" and "on", and then both lamps will come alive. Freakin' weird... this points to a common-mode failure, but I'm trying not to overwhelm the service staff with any engineering logic (from 20 years as an aerospace engineer).

I'm thinking once they tear into it, they'll have an epiphany and discover the wire harness socket is bad. Now, supposedly the factory HIDs are not affected by the rash of wire harness issues that non-HID Lambda owners have experienced, but I'm not convinced this is true.

(Still can't believe they have to remove the front fascia to get access to the headlight... the GM packaging engineer should be shot.)

So I sit here waiting for the disassembly and proper diagnosis.

If it proves to be the wire harness, GM Majorguard will cover it.
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