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Re: Ultra High-Pitched Sound / Outlook


Originally Posted by lzwhb2
It's actually the transmission making the noise and NO, there is nothing wrong with it. This is recognized as an issue, but merely from the standpoint that the noise is annoying. A fix is being worked on to resolve this. It has to do with the fact that after you shut the vehicle off, there is still power to the transmission among many other modules in the vehicle. What you are hearing are the solenoids inside the transmission that are driven at a high frequency. When the modules "power down", usually a few seconds, the noise goes away.

So, is it a faulty tcm if the noise has been steady for 3 days now, car has not been started, noise only stopped when fuse for tcm was pulled. As soon as I put the fuse back in, the noise starts again.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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