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How to spot a water pump failure-with pics

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You can spot a slow leak by looking for signs of dexcool leaking and drying on the timing chain cover.
Heres an example- note the trail of dry coolant (white residue).

Another thing to look for is the signs of coolant being flung by the spinning water pump pulley.

Another sign to look for is drops of coolant that has not dried.

Another sign of the leak is a little more severe- drops of coolant on the floor. (the other spot was much bigger- about 8 inches wide).
This is only 1 drop

And- if you have a much bigger leak- signs of coolant on the vehicle.

here are shots-- with the wheel turned outward-- you can clearly see coolant

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Mine just leaked on the driveway. Didnt really notice until the radiator fan started going off after the car was turned off. I saw the leak and followed it up the side of the engine and figured the water pump was leaking. It didnt leak a lot, almost the same amount of water on the floor as when the AC is on. Took it to the local GMC dealer and the technician informed me that if that wasn't the problem, there would be a $100+ diagnostic fee. I thought to myself, REALLY! I know its leaking from the water pump and I know its covered under the power-train warranty. I signed the form and went on my way, only to be told later that the water pump WAS leaking and a water pump kit was used to fix the problem.

Nice pictures.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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