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rbarrios I want to thank you for this write up. My wife is on a trip with her family and just had this classic pump failure. The first signs started to happen when she drove over the grapevine in California heading to southern california and is notorious for overheating vehicles. She called me letting me know that she pulled off to the side of the road to cool off and at that time her guage was at 230 and climbing rapidly with the A/C off. This shouldn't have happened because of the extra cooler on the radiator from the tow package but it did and I told her to check the coolant and it was empty? She has some water in the car and put 1 liter in drove the rest of the way to Southern California without overheating again. I thought that this was a fluke but it was actually the first sign of failure. She got to her parents house and her dad to add more dexcool and there was no fluid on the ground which was sign #2 so thinking everything was fine they packed up and drove to idaho at night when it was cool so no problems till yesterday when she noticed fluid dexcool on the ground and she had to put more than a gallon of dexcool in which was the final sign. It's now at GMC in Pocatello getting a water pump replaced.
This write up is amazing and really hit the nail on the head. Thanks again!

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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