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idling issues after refilling car

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So approximately two days ago my car was refilled after almost being empty.The car started off to sputter and cannot hold a set idle at 1000 RPM. But instead just between 800-1000 then after about 20 seconds it begins to drift even lower to 400-1000. and then seen the engine will spudder out. I know it's not smart but I have driven in the car and it operates just fine while moving butnI have no power breaking any more and stable track light comes on. I believe it has something to do with the fuel. I believe it is a fuel filter. Does anyone have any ideas or theories that I can do to repair this issue with out going to a dealer.

It has been recommended to me to replace the filters and add seafoam to the car and clean it out that way. I want to know if this should be done or should I just go to ahead and move it to a dealer.
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I remember reading a topic on the purge valve and/or the evaporative system getting fuel in it when the fuel tank is overfilled. This may be your issue.
Tim C.
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1st thing I would do is--

go buy a can of CRC throttle body cleaner. about $5

then go on the Acadia/Traverse/Enclave forum and search for
HOW TO clean your throttle body....

clean the throttle body.
clean the possible oil in the air tube.
check the air filter too.

then see how the car operates.

Also- when was the last time you ran a bottle of Techron thru the fuel system?
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You may see a CEL illuminate later on - P0496. Check out this thread below based on my experience - its a moderately common issue. Good news is, it has a cheap and easy fix.
Sapper, How did you make out with your issue?
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