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Reason I ask is I'm prepping my '08 Outlook XR (AWD, tow package, captains chairs,124,000 miles, pearl white :) for sale. Since I bought it at 100K miles (now 125k), it's had an annoying rattle/creak from somewhere behind the cluster, seems to be from the left side. I want to sell the car in the best shape possible, so I'm trying to track it down and have failed so far. If I removed the cluster to eliminate it as a variable, will I screw up the computer/odometer/other?

Rattle seems to happen when car is under light load at about 1250rpm at ~30mph, but happens over bumps a little too. Straight line driving, the sound is not related to turning the steering wheel. I've adjusted the steering shaft grommet, lubed anything that moves, tied a bunch of cable bundles, and put some padding in various places including the ventilation tubes up where I can hardly reach them. No luck yet. Otherwise the car is great. Not a happy sale.



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