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Hi everyone! :)

I'm new here, discovered the forum the other day when looking something up... since joining I have learned a lot! :eek: We're from Ontario and have a 2008 Cocoa Outlook!

So first I read about the recall and have been anticipating my recall notice ::) ... recieved it in the mail today! lol I have made an appointment with the dealership to get the windshield wipers fixed.

I've noticed a few weird things with the Outlook in the past few months but didn't think much of them until I read some others have had similar problems! Firstly, my driver side door leaks; secondly, the driver seat squeaks and thirdly I have noticed the 'delay' when driving over 60km/h. The other issue that's been a problem since the beginning is the engine light comes on due to the gas cap, you really have to tighten it (super super tight!) for the light to go off... this usually only happens when it's cold out. The dealership keeps telling us just to make sure it's really tight! ??? It's still under warrenty so hopefully they can fix those other things but does anyone else have any recommendations on those (other other) possible issues? I want to be prepared when I go to the dealership! ;)

I'm part of other forums and it never occured to me to check for an Outlook forum, lol, I'm so glad I found you guys! :thumb:

Thanks a bunch!
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