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Hello to All,

First off, a HUGE THANK YOU to Kevin 07 XR for his GREAT Nav installation instructions!!!

That part went great!!!

Here is what I am working with:

2008 Saturn Outlook XR

Installed a Factory Refurbished 2009 Nav DVD unit - Part # 20792736

Nav unit was NOT locked and fired right up.

Works fine with no problems.

Here is the problem:

Installed the following (Brand New from GM):

2009 Backup Camera - Part # 22885399
2009 Rear License Lamp - Part # 25947303
2009 Lift Gate Wiring Harness - Part # 25958645
2009 Applique - Part # 25947297

I went with 2009 parts because I was hooking up to a 2009 Nav.

When I put the vehicle in reverse, the Nav screen says "Service Rear Camera".

Do I need to get the Nav "flashed" by the dealer?
If so, what exactly should I have them do?

Should I have installed all of the parts for a 2008 Camera System?

I want this to be a "Factory" install.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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OK, I guess I should have mentioned that I originally looked all over the forum to see if some else had already done this the same way the factory would have done it.

Couldn't find it, so I "experimented".

My guy at Chevy thought it could be done with the 2009 parts, so I tried that first.

Did not work.

My guy at Chevy talked to their wiring guy and he told us that the 2008 wiring is different from the 2009 wiring.

This is what does work:

APPLIQUE (2008) - Part # 15923644
BACKUP CAMERA BRACKET (2008) – Part # 15806900
BACKUP CAMERA (2008) - Part # 15806899
MODULE FOR BACKUP CAMERA (2008) – Part # 15806901
WIRING HARNESS/LIFT GATE (2008) - Part # 25810378

For the 2008 model you need the parts listed above.

Apparently in 2009 Saturn integrated the power source for the backup camera into the vehicle elsewhere and you did not need to get the module for the backup camera. The 2008 module apparently controls the power for the camera.

Anyway, what I have listed above works.

As a side note (which I will post on Kevin 07 XR's Nav GREAT Installation Instructions), the BROWN PLUG behind the factory radio on the 2008 models contains the VCIM wiring and the BACKUP CAMERA wiring, making it Plug & Play.

After I put in the Nav unit (making sure to plug in the BROWN PLUG), the Nav unit tracking was spot on.

Hope this helps somebody.


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nice detective work.

hopefully this will help others.

you should post this on the acadia forum-- as theres 08 acadia owners there.
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