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Recently installed (attempted) the GM heated seat kit on my Outlook. The heater elements, control module, switches all installed without issues. However, there are 3 connections per installation instructions that I couldn't make. The first goes pin 52 of the electrical center (battery power). The 2nd goes to pin 25 of the gray connector of the BCM (ignition power). The 3rd goes to pin 20 of the middle harness to the right of the floor console (illumination ?). There are wires in the first two connection points, hence I couldn't make the connections. The center harness to the right of the floor console has a lot more pins than depicted and the bypass wire is of different color than pin 20.

Has anyone successfully installed this kit? The parts department from the Saturn dealership (has not installed this kit before) couldn't engage GM to assist with the issues since it was not installed by one of their technicians. Neither could anyone on the nation-wide parts network provide additional insights. Hence, they're struggling to find the info I need to complete the install. Is there an updated set of instructions? Could anyone provide the schematics on the BCM, floor console, and electrical center?

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