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Liftgate woes...

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My power liftgate wouldn't function correctly: when activated the latch sounded like it unlocked, the door would or wouldn't open, and then it would pop sometimes. Sounded awful!
So, the dealership says it was the latch assembly which has some sensors with it. I said "okay". They said $420 and I said "okay".
I pick the car up after hours and it "works" but still makes some popping noises and the motor still runs after the liftgate is fully extended. Which, in hindsight, seems to be a big problem.

Fast forward 2 weeks. I don't use the liftgate b/c I don't want to break it (which is dumb, why have it then?). So I try it and sounds like ****, pops, and stops, but the motor seems to keep running.
Take it back to the dealer and now they want to replace the motor for $230.

I insist that they didn't fix it the first time, but the rep tells me it "worked when I left". I asked him if that passed the sanity check and was told that mgmt feels they are going out of their way by only charging me for labor and not the part (motor).

07 White-Diamond XR FWD, 64K, repaired/replaced: A/C Evaporator, Transmission/wave plate, liftgate latch, headlight harness.
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When my 09 did that, it was only the 2 door struts that needed replaced. They put extra strain on the motor much like having weak/broken springs on your garage door. They will also cause the door to drop when it gets all the way up.
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