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Okay - I have an 07 Outlook. More recently, my Nav system would freeze or get the "can not read dvd" error message. Took it in to Saturn and within 5 mins, the guy says he will order me a new Nav system. Awesome!

Took it in yesterday and got it back today. Couple of differences...

1. My orig 2007 Nav system had a Saturn Logo when booting up. Now this Nav system has a Delphi logo on startup. Any 08/09 owners have this logo on their starup? I am pretty sure this system is an 08/09 because in the menu options, it has the backup camera option, which I do not have.

2. Everything seems to be working great, expect now my blinker is about 10x as lound as previously. It is very annoying and I will be taking it in, I am just curious if anyone has experienced this. Also, the door chime / seat belt chime is the same 10x sound increase.

Again, just curious if anyone has experienced this. I've searched the boards and haven't come across anything. Hopefully there is a solution to fix this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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